【Men ’s wardrobe essential (II)】Striped/ Checkered shirt

Pick a striped or checkered shirt if you want to bring some new ideas to your daily life. Here are a few invincible patterns for both everyday styles and at work!


Striped shirts are even more proper for general and important business occasions than the plain colours. With the clean- colour suit, they can show the exceptional flexibility out of the steadiness.

Inishirt - The Dobby Stripe shirt

The subtle blue-white stripes make this shirt design a contemporary addition to everyday looks. The spacing between the stripes is just right that gives a slimming effect to the body shape.


Checkered patterns play an innovative role in this wide range of shirt types. It can be lively with the down-to-earth feeling in the right colours; would be suitable for work or daily wear.

Inishirt - The Classic Check shirt

Fine checkered shirt with blue and white looks relaxed and solemn. It is a style suitable for work. When paired with a plain suit and collar, it can bring out elegant taste.

Inishirt - Blue & White Check shirt

The stylish colour-matching design is full of youthful vigor. Looks smart when wear to work, or alternatively dressed down with jeans over the weekend. The perfect combination of cotton and spandex makes the fabric softer and more flexible.

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