Five common shirt collar types

There is a wide range of possibilities in a shirt, different combinations of fabrics, cuff types, buttons, etc can make you stand out. Now, let’s start with the five most popular collars!

  1. Spread collar

The most common one amongst all collar types. It is a prudent and versatile option for men of all ages and face shapes, and also goes well with a broad variety of ties.

  1. Square collar

The tips of the collar make a 90° angle. The look is similar to the spread collar, but with the shape closer to rectangular shape. Slimer tie is a more suitable and fashionable choice for a square collar shirt.

  1. Button down collar

The collar is secured to the shirt by buttons on both points, the tips are more pointy and the collar is slightly larger. A work outfit can be finished with a tie, or tie-less as a casual look.

  1. Band collar

With only collar but not the lapel. It provides a younger and funkier look, together with a sense of leisure. Band collar shirts often do not go with ties.

  1. Windsor collar

Also known as the cutaway collar, points are pulled back and angled outwards to 120°-180°. Fit for those with long necks and narrow shoulders.

In order to meet everyone’s preferences, Inishirt allows you to choose for your own fabrics, cutting, button and collar types to create a shirt presenting your own characteristics.

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