Why are shirts always longer than other clothes?

Tailors will offer the most convenient and appropriate design in every detail of the garment;

And length is one of the key points in terms of shirts.

In general, on relatively more formal occasions, like work, interviews and ceremonies, men tend to wear shirts and tuck them into trousers.

But if you find your shirt keeps coming out of your trousers, it’s probably because the length of your shirt is too short!

If the shirt is made longer, the hem will (1) become heavier (2) increase friction with the trousers.

This leaves the hem of the shirts in the trousers.

Even after a full day’s work, the outfit will not easily become loose and baggy because of daily movements, and this will give you a clean and tidy image.

*Photo credit: Designed by Teksomolika / Freepik

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