Choose the shirt cutting that suits you the best

Shirts sold in the market are generally adopting the principle of “one size fits all”; Despite of the different size choices, there are always redundant and cumbersome fabrics or parts that are too tight while putting on. 

Apart from the size, the cutting of the shirt will also greatly affect the fitness and comfortness of the garment.

Cutting of the shirt is chiefly divided into two main categories — Standard Fit and Slim Fit.

Standard Style

A cutting tends to be looser, which creates a comfortable and classic image. Standard fit shirts place more emphasis on functionality than appearance; for instance, the overall length will be longer, more fabrics will be utilized in the sleeves to facilitate movement. Even more sturdy men can present their fashion sense in standard style shirts.

Slim Style

In contrast to standard style, slim-cutting shirts are commonly tapered down at the bottom and from elbow to wrist, so as to complete the slim fitting. Gentlemen who are slender may find themselves always tidying up and tucking the hem back into trousers when they wear standard fit shirts; Slimmer men may consider the slim style shirts to avoid the misfit.

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