Pay attention to the shirt “cuff detail” and be a charmer!

Be aware of every feature in daily wear, which can definitely enhance the daintiness.

One of the most easily neglected features of shirts is a pair of delicate cuffs. 

There are three options for cuff cutting alone; Learn them to become a charm and delicate gentleman!

Square Cuff

The clear right angles and straight lines interweave the modernized square cuff. Strong and eye catchy lines give a staunch and capable impression to people. Therefore, square cuffs are especially suitable for daily work, important meetings or interviews.

Round Cuff

A versatile and timeless classic, with soft and elegant curves replacing the sharp corners of the square cuff. The low-key and gentle round cuffs fit seamlessly with or without a suit, and even effortlessly complete the weekend casual outfit.

Mitred Cuff

Instead of using pure right angles and arcs, mitred cuff adds the fresh beveled design. This uncommon design is mostly used for tieless outfits, which also shows that the wearer pays great attention to detail with a sense of uniqueness and affableness .

Custom- made shirts at inishirt can be tailored with the above cuffs of your choice, to set off the style that best represents you!

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