Are you washing your shirt the right way?

For office workers who need to wear shirts every day, sending shirts to the laundry may be a time-consuming and uneconomical way. 

Let’s learn and simply take good care of your shirt with the washing machine at home!

  1. Identify the clothing label. Cotton and polyester fabrics can be machine- washed, while other materials are recommended to be hand- washed.

  2. Remove the accessories on the shirt, such as collar stays, cufflinks and collar pin, etc.

  3. Erase obvious dirts with detergent or decontamination pen.

  4. Lighter- coloured shirts can be washed in hot water, while darker shirts should be washed in cold water to avoid fading of the colour. Also avoid washing together with colourful clothes to shun colour crossing.

  5. Fill the washing machine to not more than 70-80% full.

  6. Put the buttons inward and put the shirt in the laundry bag for cleaning.

  7. Set the dehydration procedure within 30 seconds and take it out right after.

  8. Flatten the shirt as much as possible before hanging it up, for easier ironing in the next step.

  9. You may iron the shirt after it’s about 80% dry.

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