Get yourself a well- fitted shirt!

A shirt that doesn’t fit can give an unprofessional image. Here are a few of the most important sizes for tailor- made shirts:

Sleeve length

Hang down your arms naturally. Straighten your tape measure and determine the length between the tip of the shoulder to the base of the thumb. The sleeve length is the range from shoulder to the cuff.

Collar circumference

Flatten the shirt, and measure from the top button to the buttonhole at the other end. It’s best to be able to put one to three fingers as you wear it, depending on your preference.

Shoulder width

The distance between the tips of the shoulders. Flatten the shirt when measuring the shoulder lines as much as possible to avoid measuring errors.

Chest circumference

The length around the chest under armpits. Button up all the buttons and flatten the shirt, the straight distance from left to right armpit multiplied by two is the chest circumference.

Sleeve length and collar circumference are the most important in shirt production.


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