【One thing you should not overlook in shirt design - Back pleats】

Tailor- made garments can be made with different accessories and designs to take care of the wearer's daily needs.There are three main types of back pleats for men’s dress shirts - No back pleats, Side pleats and centre- box pleat, to suit various needs.

No back pleats

The most concise and formal one among the three types of pleats. As it has no pleats, the shirt has to fit the wearer very well and therefore it is more common in tailor- made shirts.

Side pleats

The two back pleats are close to the shoulder blades. It is a more stylish and low- key design than the centre- box pleat. And shirts with side pleats are usually more comfortable to wear as they fit the back better.

Centre box pleats

A rectangular back pleat in the middle of the back, often found in ready- to- wear shirts. This design is relatively more casual and comfortable; which suits people who require greater flexibility of the shirt.

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