【Easy Care shirt — That magic trick to keep you neat and tidy】

Shirts are undoubtedly a necessity for people who work in the office; and therefore a wrinkle resistant shirt can definitely save your time and effort in washing and ironing. Here are few elements to make an easy- to- wear wrinkle resistant shirt:

- Weaving of fabrics -

The more complex the weaving, the higher winkle resistance resulted in the fabric. Hence, plain weaves are usually softer and easier to wrinkle than fabrics with more complex weave such as Twill or Jacquard.

As the arrangement of the yarns in fabric weaving affects the weave density, and thus offer different levels of wrinkle resistance. For instance, the diagonal weave of twill fabric is denser, therefore more wrinkle resistant than plain weave of similar weight. 

- Material used -

Materials like cotton, linen and synthetic fibre are common in shirt production. Although cotton and linen tend to be more comfortable and breathable, they are easier to wrinkle than synthetic fibres. Shirts made of synthetic fibres like spandex and nylon are more likely to achieve anti- wrinkle effect.

- Finishing -

In addition to the properties of the fabric itself, a chemical treatment may be applied upon completion of the shirt to get the wrinkle resistant effect. For example, the Liquid Ammonia Treatment can add elasticity, softness and easy handling features to the shirt, simple ironing after washing and drying can maintain tidiness the whole day.

We understand that, especially in Hong Kong, customers may not be able to spend too much time on handling their shirts, so INISHIRT has also adopted the above features in our Easy Care shirts, in order to achieve a balance between comfort and convenience.

Fabric recommendation:

95% cotton + 5% spandex to maintain the skin- friendly and breathable characteristics of cotton, and add an appropriate amount of synthetic fibre to make the shirt not easy to wrinkle.

1. Blue & White Check:https://inishirt.com/products/detail/6
2. The Classic Check:https://inishirt.com/products/detail/7

Super Easy Care fabrics which are treated with wrinkle resistant methods from fabric weaving to finishing, and thus far easier to handle than other shirts.

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