【”Combed cotton” the even more skin- friendly one than “pure cotton”】☁

In addition to design, material is also a very crucial part of clothes. Especially for office workers, the choice of shirts with quality fabrics can greatly improve the comfort level and reduce the maintenance required.

If you find your clothes tend to get pilling, and the fabrics are getting thinner easily, you may consider choosing “combed cotton”.

There is a major technological difference between pure cotton and combed cotton; for combed cotton, shorter fibres and impurities will be removed during the spinning process, leaving neat and longer fibres for the production of yarns.

Although the process is complex and costly, the yarns made with combed cotton do enhance the overall experience of the wearer!

As the fibres are longer and more consistent than that of pure cotton, the texture will always be finer, softer and more breathable.

Moreover, as less short fibres are protruding from the surface, the fabrics become more washable and durable. Colour of the fabrics will also stay longer as the dying process is done more evenly.

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