【Don’t mix them up! Business casual VS Smart casual】

Are shirts, trousers and leather shoes all we have got for men’s workplace outfit?

In fact, any minor changes in the mix and match can create variations for different industries and occasions!

For some formal and large- scale meetings or events, business formal dressing is usually required; in which shirt, blazer, tie and leather shoes are essential.

But in order to show respect and flexibility at the same time, for some more casual business occasions or workplace, maybe Business casual and Smart casual would be better options.

Now let’s take a look of the different scenarios for the two dressings, so as to avoid the embarrassment of wearing inappropriate clothes!

Business casual

A more relaxed version of the traditional “Business formal”, but the overall impression should tend to be professional and formal.

Industries that focus more on new ideas and have frequent meetings with clients, like marketing and PR may find it suitable for them. 

Whereas shirts are still needed, ties are not necessary. It is also possible to add in some items with your own style, such as replacing the blazer with a jumper, and wearing shirts in colours other than white.

Smart casual

Smart casual is an even simpler way of dressing compared to Business casual, and it cannot be considered formal.

This applies to general work- related occasions. And it is more likely to be found in creative industries like advertising and design.

Although daily items such as jeans and sport shoes can be included in Smart casual, it is important to skip any exaggerated accessories and shorts. 

To attach importance to work but also build an approachable image.

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