Stepping into a Fresh Start.New Job

March and April is always the peak season of career change.

To start the job with anticipation of the good things and challenges!

Your first day at work is an opportunity to give first impression to colleagues.

T- shirts and jeans may be too casual for this special day.

Here are some ideas of a safe and basic first day look, at least before you get to observe what are your co- workers wearing.

【The first day at office look】


Dos: Shirts in plain colours or simple patterns

Don'ts: Shirts with very fancy patterns, T- shirts


Dos: Trousers, chinos

Dont's: Wide- leg trousers, jeans


Dos:  Leather shoes

Don'ts: Sport shoes, flip flops, sandals


Don'ts: Earrings, bracelet, necklace

For those who need to participate in formal business occasions, like banking and finance, you may also wear tie and blazer.

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