Wear Knit fabric shirt (Stretch, Comfortable and Wrinkle Free)

We have launched Knitting fabric shirt this December and are getting good feedback form customers.
Here let us explain "What's Knitting Fabric Shirt?" and share you benefits of this product.
Knit Fabric
Somebody may confuse "Knit" as ”Sweater" or "Cardigan", or sometimes confused as "Wool Knitting".

But "Knitting Fabric Shirt" signifies "Shirt" made by Knitting/Jersey fabric.
And materials for knitting fabric can not be only Wool but also cotton or polyester.

Then What is Knitting fabric.
It should be easier to imagine the fabric for Polo shirts, that type of fabric is knitting fabric.

As you can see, Polo shirt has stretch and it's more confortable to wear without any stress.
Knitting fabric shirt also has the benefit of comfortability but still its appearance is thorough shirt.
So one of the benefit of Knitting fabric shirt is comfortability.

There is another benefit of knitting fabric.
Just because the construction of Knitting fabric, it seldom gets deep wrinkles after you wash shirts by laundry machine.

Normal shirt is made by woven fabric. And basic woven fabric may get wrinkles after people wear or wash.
Then how about Knitting fabric? 
Again, please imagine your polo shirt, sweater or cardigan. 
Do you give press (iron) to them? We imagine you may not.
Yes, another benefit of knitting fabric shirt is "Wrinkle Free".

Please check out our collection of Knitting Fabric Shirt and enjoy holidays!

Knit Shirt

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