Shirt Ranking

Wearing a white shirt can handle all occasions in Japan.

And among most of the countries, it could be the same.

But sometimes, you might think of some other colours. Let's explore the HK shirt ranking!

①Effortlessly be the first to go out for work: Iron-Free Shirt

The Iron-free Shirt don't easily get wrinkles after washing and is easy-care at the same time. Even though you forget to iron your shirt, you can't find wrinkles on your shirt! Absolutely the best choice for the busy HK businessman.

White Dobby Shirt Blue Dobby Shirt

②The never-go-wrong shirt for office: White and Blue Color

The white color or blue color shirt is always a no-brainer for business attire. It's easy to mix and match, perfect for any occasion. No more worries on wearing the wrong outfit! As well as show out your calm and professional aura.

The Classic Check ShirtThe Dobby Stripe Shirt

③Office? OK! Day Gathering? Also OK!: Super Stretchy Knit Shirt

Some companies offer a casual wear day for their staff. But sometimes you will have a conference with your VIP, and here a knit shirt with a professional appearance yet relax and comfy. Thus, it will never get too formal for a day gathering!

Herringbone ShirtIndigo Knit Shirt

Conclusion: the color and design is always building your first impression, but the functionality is to upgrade your living standard, be smart and relax!

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