Does an Iron-free Shirt Require Some Touch-up Ironing?

No matter what you do, speed up! Speed is one of the most essential requirements in Hong Kong. If you have a wrinkle-free shirt, it will make you even faster in whatever you are doing.

But there are also different types of wrinkle-free, such as no-iron, easy-care, durable press and wear-and-wash. No matter how they are named, they could be classified into two garment finishing methods: fabric finishing, which is applied to fabric; and garment finishing, which is applied to the whole garment.

Durable-Press: Fabric Finishing

Non Iron FabricA chemical treatment is applied to fabric, before cutting and sewing them to become a garment. This finishing avoids creases and wrinkles and provides a better appearance, even without ironing process after wash and dry. However, a shirt made from permanent-press fabric will still gives wrinkles at the front placket, sewing position, or parts with thinner fabric.

According to AATCC standard, permanent-press could be classified into 6 standards: SA-1、SA-2、SA-3、SA-3.5、SA-4 and SA-5. SA-1 represents less wrinkle-resistant and SA-5 represent more wrinkle-resistant after wash.

Most of the brands in the market will tend to use a SA-3.5 permanent-press standard fabric, in order to balance softness, comfiness and the wrinkle-resistant properties.

non iron shirt

Durable-Press: Garment Finishing

To result a dimensionally stable and crease free, a chemical treatment is implemented to the whole garment. Not only the chemical treatment, the choice of fabric, craftsmanship and sewing techniques also account for the strength of the wrinkle-resistant properties, which enable it to hold the shape of the garment after wash.

Even your shirt is with Durable press properties, somehow, you will need a some touch-up ironing, especially when you washed it for more than a several time and wear it for years. However, a perfectly ironed shirt, will always bring you a higher impression point when you meet your VIP!

But with the rapid growth of the wrinkle-resistant technology, the durable-press finishing treatment are believed to improve, and will definitely release us from annoying ironing housework and bring us a more convenient and better living standard.


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