About this site

Say goodbye to traditional perceptions of “tailor- made”, save time and hassle of going to any physical tailor’s shop by customising high- quality shirts online.

Team INISHIRT is a group of Japanese and Hongkonger who wish to pursue the simple and handy fashion concepts from Japan and provide a brand new customized shopping experience to Hong Kong customers.

  1. 1.Anytime, Anywhere. Order can be made 24/7. The system will generate the right size for you with just two photos taken with your smartphone.
  2. 2.Free shipping in HK and no hidden charges. One price covers customization of any components of the shirt, even with embroidery. Shirts can be tailor made within an exact budget.
  3. 3.Produced from one of the factories that partner with mainstream Japanese fashion brands and they made every INISHIRT with the finest fabric.

【Our Principles】
"INI" in INISHIRT stands for the first letter of a name.
Just as we offer multiple choices, high quality fabrics and convenient online tailor-made service to create your very own shirt.

INISHIRT - Your Initial.